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Branch art_branching upward mixed media.jpg
Branch art_leaves on mixed media collage.jpg
Branch artwork_horizontal collage in crimson.JPG
Branch art_ancient branch watercolor collage.jpg
Collage__winter blossoms.jpg
Branch artwork_industrial tree_dark tones mixed media.JPG
Painting__Dark branches across evening clouds edit.jpg
Branch art_glowing orange mixed media .jpg
Branch art_blossom collage from Inman park festival.jpg
Branch art_original aisan branch mixed media horizontal.jpg
Painting__mixed media __Reaching (4)_edited.jpg
PXL_20210225_191425171 (1).jpg
Branch art_burnished blossoms_edited.jpg
Branch art_spirit of trees.jpg
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Collage_Cool and bright.jpg
Painting__collage with bird on left.jpg
Painting__close up of slanted branch 09 25 21_edited.jpg
Painting__Avondale bench at angle on lake_edited.jpg
Painting__two ducks gather at lake_edited.jpg
Painting__avondale lake bridge from left view_edited.jpg
Painting__View of Christmas tree at Avondale lake_edited.jpg
Painting_Avondale lake bridge edit.jpg
Painting__Fall trees at lake 2_edited.jpg
Painting__path to community club at lake_edited.png
Painting__Spring tree with 2 ducks at Avondale lake_edited.jpg
Prints__A lake with 3 ducks at play.JPG
Painting__abstracted branch edit_edited.jpg
Prints__branch extends__set of 2_edited.jpg
Prints__A lake close up of branch reach__set_edited.jpg
Collage__bird on branch_edited.jpg
Collage_Cool and bright_edited.jpg
Paintings__Avondale lake__Bench at pennisula_edited.jpg
Prints__A lake with path to Cummunity Club.JPG
Prints__A lake close up of branch reach__set_edited_edited.jpg
Prints__branch extends__set of 2_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.j
Prints__A lake close up of branch reach__set_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Prints__branch extends__set of 2_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_e
Prints__A lake with Community Club beyond trees_edited.jpg
Prints__A lake with path to Cummunity Club_edited.jpg
Prints__A lake with corner view.JPG
Painting__Christmas tree at Avondale lake_edited.jpg
Prints_A lake with tree early Fall.JPG
Prints__A lake tree with scant leaves.JPG
PXL_20210225_191524285 (1).jpg
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