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Animal art__Egrit on water.jpg
Animal art__crouching tiger on safari.jpg
Animal art_aisan tigers watercolor and ink.jpg
Animal art_original two lions horizotal pen and ink_edited.jpg
Painting__two metal chairs with Watson 2 10 27 21_edited.jpg
Painting__two metal chairs with Watson 1 10 27 21_edited.jpg
Animal art_lion sunning oil_edited.jpg
Animal art__Janine baby bedroom mural of three lion cubs.jpg
Animal art__yorkie dog vertical oil.jpg
Animal art_White poodle in chair horizontal oil.jpg
Animal art__Cavalier Spaniel_oil_edited.jpg
Animal art_Lion yawning pen and ink.jpg
Animal art__Puma cub on back_oil.jpg
Animal art_cat on couch oil.jpg
Animal art__Max and Buster oil_edited.jpg
Animal art_Black poodle in chair oil.jpg
animal art__Gus the doodle dog_edited.jpg
Animal art__Max portrait for Carl_edited.jpg
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